Popular Writing

“Measuring Down: The Economic Performance of New Canadians is Declining; If We Want to Change that, We Need to Rethink Immigration Policy,” Financial Post, November 8, 1997. Reprinted in Post 2000: Business Wisdom for the Next Century, edited by Charles Davies, Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1998, pp. 157-163.

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“Getting Past “Yes” or “No” – Our debate over multiculturalism needs more nuance” (review essay on Multicultiphobia, by Phil Ryan, University of Toronto Press 2010), Literary Review of Canada 18,6 (July/August 2010): 3-4.

“Social impact of diversity: potentials and challenges in Canada.” Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences/Fédération des Sciences Humaines, ‘Equity Matters’ Blog, 1 April, 2010.

“Taxi Driver Syndrome: Behind-the-scenes immigration changes are creating new problems on top of old ones,” Literary Review of Canada, March 11, 2011.

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“Immigration is just so Canadian,” Toronto Star on line, November 7, 2011.

“Support for immigration connected with our national identity,” Vancouver Sun, December 13, 2011.

“Can we avoid bias in hiring practices? A recent report from Ottawa’s Name-Blind Recruitment Pilot Project reveals that there are still many challenges in developing hiring practices that avoid bias. (with Rupa Banerjee and Phil Oreopoulos). Policy Options (IRPP), July 6., 2018.

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