“Canada: Continuity and Change in Immigration for Nation-Building” – a new Canada chapter for a classic comparative text

An overview of the content and context of Canada’s immigration policy by Jeff Reitz is featured in the new 4th edition of the classic text Controlling Immigration: A Comparative Perspective, edited by James F. Hollifield, Philip L. Martin, Pia M. Orrenius, and François Héron, and published in September 2022 by Stanford University Press. Controlling Immigration has been a classic comparative overview of immigration policies in the major countries of immigration since the first 1994 edition (edited by Wayne Cornelius, Phil Martin and Jim Hollifield), and Jeff Reitz has contributed the chapter on Canada in the subsequent 2nd (2004), 3rd (2014), and now in the new 4th edition (Jim Hollifield took over the editorial lead beginning with the 3rd edition). For each new edition, the Canada chapter has been completely revised, rewritten and updated to emphasize new issues and policy directions, while maintaining a focus on the comparative context of Canadian immigration and related policies for immigrant integration and multiculturalism.

For this 4th edition, the Canada chapter (pp. 123-167) includes assessments of various initiatives introduced by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, including ‘Express Entry’ immigration selection procedures and efforts to link immigration more closely to the labour market, and it also outlines prospects for the expansion of immigration under the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, including larger numbers of economic immigrants, the increased focus on refugees, and the prominent role of temporary immigration, all the while maintaining an analytic focus on the basic objectives of Canadian immigration, and its uniqueness in international context.

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